Wonderful New Camera at Wind Power Surf Shop

New camera installed in Fond du Lac.

UPDATE: Wind Power Cam is UP!
** Aug 26: Camera is running. We are having frequent tilt system errors, but it is running now. User PTZ control is enabled.

There is a new camera installed with HD resolution of 1080p. The Wind Power Cam is located at the Wind Power Surf Shop at the south end of Lake Winnebago in Fond du Lac, WI. This is our local Surf Shop specializing in windsurfing, kiting, stand-up-paddling, sailboats and more.

The camera shows the south end of the lake. I would like to thank those that were involved in installing the second camera that is finally working for the first one failed after two days. Feel free to donate towards the new camera using the donate button for these cameras are very expensive.

2 thoughts on “Wonderful New Camera at Wind Power Surf Shop”

  1. The camera is a big improvement in resolution, zoom and other features. Thanks for the nice article and appreciation of efforts and expenses. It was a 3 day project with many man hours to get the camera and anemometer down, repaired and back up the 45′ mast in mid-June after strong wind damage.

    Good Winds – Team Wind Power

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