Wind Power Weather Center

Wind Power Weather Center.The socks represent the wind speed.
The socks represent the wind speed.

The Wind Power Weather Center now has 7 sensors on Lake Winnebago and 1 on Lake Poygan. It is on this site under the cameras buttons. The last sensor added is at High Cliff Marina. Thanks to those who have installed them. More news can be seen at Wind Power Weather Center.

It has been a big year for the Weather Center! Going multi-sensor with our new Tempest weather sensors and new home page map. It has been a lot of work and hopefully you like the changes.

If you don’t get the Forecast & Windsock Alerts, please sign-up! You get a daily forecast email showing Noaa forecast with windsock rating and recommended launches. At a glance you can see what days might be sailable so you can adjust your schedule to get out and sail! Plus you get Windsock Alerts, per sensor, when it is windy. We think the Alerts are awesome and encourage you to get them.

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  1. Great Post Mike! Thanks for making people aware of We are building a great wind and weather resource for our Beautiful Lake Winnebago System. We plan on adding more sensors and improving features of the web site.

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