Wind Power Weather Center

Wind Power Weather Center Article.

Tempest Sensor used by the Wind Power Weather Center at their locations.

Wind Power Weather Center now has 9 sensor locations on Lake Winnebago, all being shown on their map. On the left the menu in blue are Weather, Lake Winnebago Info & Satellite, Forecast Links and Local Cameras are highlighted with links and information under them.

By clicking on the Home & Map you will get a map of the locations of the sensors. You have the North End button, South end button and Reset Zoom button. The map has a scroll + and – sign on the lower right side of the page. By scrolling out by pushing the minus sign you can see all of the sensors in the state of Wisconsin. The description of the type of sensor is listed on the bottom of the map. If you click on the sensor arrow the Name, Location, Wind, Temp and Time is displayed.

 If you go to the webpage the sensors are listed on the upper left side of the page. By clicking on the sensor name you will see the Current Conditions, Forecast, History, Highs & Lows, Weather Calendar and Windsock Sessions of that sensor. You then click on each of these items and receive the next webpage which displays the conditions and information that maybe of interest to you.

There is the News button in red which tells of all of the things being done. There is an About, Contact, Launch Sites, Wind & Forecast Alerts, Sponsor & Donate which have pages for each one.

There is Lake Winnebago Info & Satellite with items under it. Also Forecast Links to other items. There is a Donate Sign for those to support the Weather Center.

There is now a sixth camera on the lake at Mansur Bay operating. It can be found on webpage. On a clear day you can see the abundant number of windmills across the lake in Pipe. There is typically a lot of wildlife (geese, ducks, swans, pelicans, etc.) in this quaint residential bay that faces SE.

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