Images from Neenah Harbor Camera

The Neenah Harbor Cam takes pictures in the morning of the Flag and Cannon in Riverside Park and will display thumbnails above the video.  At night it will take snapshots of Oak Street Bridge next to Theda Clark Hospital.  Below there is a Move History table to show recent camera moves and the next move in the queue. There is also a map that shows the positions of the camera.

We have a search box and Social Media icons for you to follow us on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram. You can see the sidebar which will show recent comments and posts. Please leave comments about the camera, we have more changes coming and we would like to hear from you.

Website Update and Sunrise Images from Neenah Rec Park Camera

Good morning viewers of our new website pages.  We have updated our page to follow the sunrise of Neenah Rec Park Cam. We take multiple snapshots of the sunrise and at sunset and display them as thumbnail images above the live video.  We have programmed the camera to follow the sun as it changes time and azimuth of the sunrise over the year. 

We have added a details chart to follow where the camera is moving and going to the next position. Click on the camera details and see where the camera has been to view more about of the camera. There is a google map under the camera moves table that shows the positions of the camera as you hover over the marker icons.

There is a comment section where we would like to hear from you about the new website and cameras.  Follow us on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter and come back to see the updates of the camera.