Sturgeon Spearing on Lake Winnebago 2020 Season

Lake Winnebago Sturgeon
Lake Winnebago Sturgeon

The 2020 Annual Sturgeon Spearing season is almost here. The season officially begins Saturday February 8 at 7 am.  Here is a link to the DNR Site with latest information and daily harvest totals.  The season lasts until February 23 or until harvest caps are reached. It has been 6 years since harvest caps were reached shortening the 16-day season.

The DNR stated the current sturgeon population on Lake Winnebago is robust with an estimated 24,000 adult males and 18,500 adult females for an estimated total of 42,500 adult sturgeon.

You can follow the action of fish shanties out on Lake Winnebago with the use of the three live streaming cameras on our website. The cameras have a DVR so you can look back at the day’s activities.

Ice conditions are less than ideal due to the warmer weather this year.  There was open water on Lake Winnebago until early January due to strong winds and shifting ice causing large shoves on East and some West shores.

Always know the ice conditions if you plan on going out.  Check with local fishing clubs and bait shops.  Cars and trucks are not recommended.  Knowledge is key to being safe on the ice…So Be Safe!

The Neenah / Menasha Fire & Rescue had their rescue boat out past David Point (SE of Rec Park in Neenah) and only found 4 inches of ice out beyond the crack. 

Follow us and post your experiences out on the lake on our website. Instagram your photos to @foxriversystemwebcam or use the hashtag #sturgeon

Be safe out on the ice.

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