You Can Control The Cameras

You can control the cameras now. This is experimental and new. Please use modern browsers: Firefox, Chrome or Edge. Internet Explorer not recommended nor older browsers.

  1. Click OK to allow cookies.
  2. Create an account, go to account, login, register & activate with your email address.
  3. Choose a camera from the menu bar you would like to control for 5 minutes at a time. Request Cam Control of the camera. There is a Queue if someone else has control.
  4. There are four ways to control the camera.
  5. Use the mouse with cross hair and left button on the live view screen video, touch screens use fingers.
  6. Use the three rows of buttons: pan, tilt and zoom.
  7. Use the drop down list to move to a certain view.
  8. Click on the Google Map and the camera will go there or use the touch screen.
  9. You can take a snapshot and download the picture.

Enjoy the views, and please leave a comment on the page we would like to know of your experience.

Spring fishing on the Wolf River, Wisconsin

In the spring time all the walleyes swim up the Wolf River to spawn. Also the White Bass go up a little later in the spring. They swim up the mouth of the Fox River in Oshkosh all the way through two lakes and then enter the Wolf River. I remember going to fish on the Wolf River with my dad, it was a lot of fun catching the fish.  Here is a picture of a Walleye and White Bass below.

You can also see the fish going up and down by looking at the cameras on the Wolf River at Wolf River Cam when the cameras come online after ice out. There are several articles on fishing on the Wolf River in spring. Enjoy the articles and YouTube videos listed below.

If you have been fishing this spring let us know by leaving a comment.

New Website Features – Updated

Fox River System Webcams
Our website has some new features website has some new features compared to our old site:

Updated: Feb 15, 2020

  • Camera History: View snapshot history for all the cameras on the Camera History page. Our cameras take snapshots everyday so you can go back to see them. A sidebar widget also selects a history image at random.
  • Camera MultiView: View multiple cameras at same time. The individual camera pages have more information, but seeing multiple at once is an added feature.
  • Sunrise & Sunset: Each camera page shows sunrise and sunset times along with length of daylight.

Original Post: Feb 10, 2020

  • Menu Bar:  The menu is at the top of every page.  No more going back to home page to navigate around the site.
  • Blog:  We have a blog so we can post articles relating to Lake Winnebago and the Fox River System.  If you have any ideas or want to write an article, please contact us to discuss.
  • Search Box:  You can search the site for content.
  • Follow Us:  Stay up-to-date and follow us on Social Media with the icons in the sidebar.
  • Daily Snapshot: The cameras take daily snapshots show above the Live Stream. The thumbnails can be viewed as a larger slideshow by clicking on them.
  • Latest Camera Images: In the sidebar, the latest image from each camera is shown in a slideshow. Click to enlarge.
  • Categories & Tag Cloud:  Easily find posts or pages via category links.  The Tag Cloud links to post & pages with the related tag.
  • Recent Posts & Comments:  In the sidebar, you can see a list of recent posts and comments from visitors. 

Please browse the site and leave any comments you have which are shared with our site visitors. We want to hear from you! 

Website Update and Sunrise Images from Neenah Rec Park Camera

Good morning viewers of our new website pages.  We have updated our page to follow the sunrise of Neenah Rec Park Cam. We take multiple snapshots of the sunrise and at sunset and display them as thumbnail images above the live video.  We have programmed the camera to follow the sun as it changes time and azimuth of the sunrise over the year. 

We have added a details chart to follow where the camera is moving and going to the next position. Click on the camera details and see where the camera has been to view more about of the camera. There is a google map under the camera moves table that shows the positions of the camera as you hover over the marker icons.

There is a comment section where we would like to hear from you about the new website and cameras.  Follow us on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter and come back to see the updates of the camera.

Welcome to Fox River System Webcams

Welcome to Our New Web Site

The MISSION of is to Promote Fun and Safety on Lake Winnebago and Fox River System.

We provide a number of Live Streaming Cameras around Lake Winnebago and the Fox River. We also provide information, links and news.

So please browse our new site and enjoy the cameras. We are testing a new camera control system that will allow user control, sunrise and sunset images, and other innovative features to help the community make best use of this wonderful resource we have in our area. The camera system is presently in use at if you are interested in seeing how it works.

Latest images from cameras

If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact us.