Congratulations 20,000 Unique Users

View of Lake Winnebago this fall day of October 12, 2020.

We have recorded 20,000 unique users of the website this fall since we started our new website on January 24, 2020. Our Google Analytics shows that we have hit 20.000 users today. Each week we add new users who also register to control the cameras. The word is getting out about the cameras being on Lake Winnebago overlooking different areas of it. People login to see the beautiful sunrises and sunsets.  Our picture history is being used to go back and see the sunrises and sunsets during different days.

Most of the boats have left the harbors and are back in storage for the winter till next season. If you are interested in boating some boats are up for sale, there are slips open for the next sailing and boating season in 2921.

Sailboarding is coming to an end as well for the winter is coming and ice up will be here for the winter sports to take place out on the ice.

When the ice forms on the lake it’s the most watched time for the cameras in the past.

A new tab was added to the menu bar it is WEATHER. Under it is the link to the Windpower Weather Center also the live radar for the local TV stations. So now you can look at the cameras, see the weather forecasts and look at the live radar to see the conditions of Lake Winnebago. Have fun on the lake and be safe while enjoying the water.

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