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Lake Winnebago Sunday afternoon.

It’s a beautiful time to go sailing and boating. The fishermen are out early in the morning on the lake. Enjoy the outdoors for the weather is very nice out.

The Midwest’s  fishing tournament and the family & fishing event of the year! Battle on Bago 2020 was a great success for it was held on Lake Winnebago on the 20th and the 21st this month of June 2020. There were 750 entrants in the fishing contest with the first place prize went to team #3 Joe Pausha and Eric Palmquist with a two day total weight of fish at 30.610lbs. There were 375 team boat entries in the tournament with top prize at $20,000.

In 2007 members the Oshkosh Southwest Rotary came together to create this trademark event after seeing the growing issue of youths being stuck behind a television or computer screen. They decided to rally the community to help fund efforts to get youths up, outdoors and involved in local conservation efforts. Since its inception, Battle on Bago has raised close to $500,000 and given it back to the community. Thanks to the community and sponsors of the event.

Battle on Bago is not just for people whom love to fish. Join the party in at Miller’s Bay for great food and drinks, live music and amazing raffle prizes each night. The annual fishing tournament features more than $275,000 worth of prizes, and with how the Battle on Bago is set up on how you can win prizes, everyone has a chance to go home a winner. Be sure to keep an eye out for the next Battle on Bago tournament coming this February which is the winter edition of this event that features ice fishing!

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