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Please donate, thank you.

Please donate to our GoFundMe Page by clicking on the button above or from the link below, it’s a secure link.

Fox River Systems Webcams has set up a GoFundMe Page to help in receiving donations from the users of the website.

Fox River Systems Webcams will benefit from the funds donated will be used for:
1. Keeping the website going by providing funds for the server expenses,
2. Monthly Spectrum internet expenses,
3. Up grading the speed of the internet connections,
4. Purchasing new cameras for Oshkosh and Brighten Beach locations.
5. The funds will be used after we reach our goal.
6. This support keeps us going service and maintenance costs for the cameras.
7. We will be very grateful for your support in keeping the cameras going on Lake Winnebago, Wisconsin for the public to view the current conditions on the lake.

Please make a donation at Fox River System Webcams GoFundMe Page.

Sunrise & Sunset Times

This page shows the Sunrise and Sunset times for 1 month starting today. It also shows the azimuth angle and hours of daylight. The values shown are based on Neenah Rec Park camera latitude & longitude, but times only vary a couple minutes over Lake Winnebago.

DateSunrise / azimuthSunset / azimuthDaylight
Jan 19 - Tuesday7:22 am / 118.3° (ESE)4:46 pm / 242.8° (WSW)9 hours 23 min
Jan 20 - Wednesday7:22 am / 118.1° (ESE)4:47 pm / 242.9° (WSW)9 hours 25 min
Jan 21 - Thursday7:21 am / 117.9° (ESE)4:49 pm / 243.1° (WSW)9 hours 27 min
Jan 22 - Friday7:20 am / 117.7° (ESE)4:50 pm / 243.2° (WSW)9 hours 29 min
Jan 23 - Saturday7:19 am / 117.5° (ESE)4:51 pm / 244.1° (WSW)9 hours 31 min
Jan 24 - Sunday7:18 am / 116.4° (ESE)4:53 pm / 244.3° (WSW)9 hours 34 min
Jan 25 - Monday7:18 am / 116.2° (ESE)4:54 pm / 244.4° (WSW)9 hours 36 min
Jan 26 - Tuesday7:17 am / 116° (ESE)4:55 pm / 244.5° (WSW)9 hours 38 min
Jan 27 - Wednesday7:16 am / 115.8° (ESE)4:57 pm / 245.5° (WSW)9 hours 40 min
Jan 28 - Thursday7:15 am / 115.5° (ESE)4:58 pm / 245.7° (WSW)9 hours 43 min
Jan 29 - Friday7:14 am / 115.3° (ESE)4:59 pm / 245.9° (WSW)9 hours 45 min
Jan 30 - Saturday7:13 am / 114.2° (ESE)5:01 pm / 246.9° (WSW)9 hours 48 min
Jan 31 - Sunday7:11 am / 114° (ESE)5:02 pm / 247.1° (WSW)9 hours 50 min
Feb 1 - Monday7:10 am / 113.8° (ESE)5:04 pm / 247.2° (WSW)9 hours 53 min
Feb 2 - Tuesday7:09 am / 113.6° (ESE)5:05 pm / 247.4° (WSW)9 hours 55 min
Feb 3 - Wednesday7:08 am / 112.5° (ESE)5:06 pm / 248.5° (WSW)9 hours 58 min
Feb 4 - Thursday7:07 am / 112.3° (ESE)5:08 pm / 248.7° (WSW)10 hours 0 min
Feb 5 - Friday7:06 am / 112.1° (ESE)5:09 pm / 248.9° (WSW)10 hours 3 min
Feb 6 - Saturday7:04 am / 111.8° (ESE)5:10 pm / 249.1° (WSW)10 hours 6 min
Feb 7 - Sunday7:03 am / 110.7° (ESE)5:12 pm / 250.1° (WSW)10 hours 8 min
Feb 8 - Monday7:02 am / 110.5° (ESE)5:13 pm / 250.4° (WSW)10 hours 11 min
Feb 9 - Tuesday7:00 am / 110.3° (ESE)5:15 pm / 250.6° (WSW)10 hours 14 min
Feb 10 - Wednesday6:59 am / 110° (ESE)5:16 pm / 251.7° (WSW)10 hours 17 min
Feb 11 - Thursday6:58 am / 109° (ESE)5:17 pm / 251.9° (WSW)10 hours 19 min
Feb 12 - Friday6:56 am / 108.7° (ESE)5:19 pm / 252.1° (WSW)10 hours 22 min
Feb 13 - Saturday6:55 am / 108.5° (ESE)5:20 pm / 252.4° (WSW)10 hours 25 min
Feb 14 - Sunday6:53 am / 108.3° (ESE)5:22 pm / 253.5° (WSW)10 hours 28 min
Feb 15 - Monday6:52 am / 107.2° (ESE)5:23 pm / 253.7° (WSW)10 hours 31 min
Feb 16 - Tuesday6:50 am / 106.9° (ESE)5:24 pm / 254° (WSW)10 hours 34 min
Feb 17 - Wednesday6:49 am / 106.7° (ESE)5:26 pm / 255.1° (WSW)10 hours 36 min
Feb 18 - Thursday6:47 am / 105.6° (ESE)5:27 pm / 255.4° (WSW)10 hours 39 min

Wonderful New Camera at Wind Power Surf Shop

New camera installed in Fond du Lac.

UPDATE: Wind Power Cam is UP!
** Aug 26: Camera is running. We are having frequent tilt system errors, but it is running now. User PTZ control is enabled.

There is a new camera installed with HD resolution of 1080p. The Wind Power Cam is located at the Wind Power Surf Shop at the south end of Lake Winnebago in Fond du Lac, WI. This is our local Surf Shop specializing in windsurfing, kiting, stand-up-paddling, sailboats and more.

The camera shows the south end of the lake. I would like to thank those that were involved in installing the second camera that is finally working for the first one failed after two days. Feel free to donate towards the new camera using the donate button for these cameras are very expensive.

Congratulations 15,000 Unique Users!!!

15,000 viewers a new high.

Since January 24, 2020 when we have launched our new website at the viewership has exploded. Our Google Analytics shows that we have hit 15,000 users today. Each week we add approximately 560 new users per week. The word is getting out about the cameras being on Lake Winnebago overlooking different areas of it. People login to see the beautiful sunrises and sunsets.  Our picture history is being used to go back and see the sunrises during different days.

The cameras have loops built into them and move in approximately an eight minute cycle. This summer it has been trying for the weather and bad luck have taken out the cameras ability to function. The public can go to account, register and login to control the cameras for five minutes and see what they would like to see. It is a learning curve in that the first few attempts at moving the cameras to see where they go.

 To increase viewership we post on other blogs and Facebook and Instagram pages. We have been on WBAY Channel 2 during the weather broadcast with a live image. We are looking to be in Future Neenah Magazine which features Neenah businesses and information about the community.  We have been in Neenah Notes a magazine produced by the city of Neenah.

A big thanks goes out to the person who has put in so much time to make this a big success.  The Wind Power Weather Center has three operating weather sensors on the lake now:  Wind Power– Fond du Lac, Mansur Bay– Neenah and Brighton Beach– Menasha.  You can see the Current Conditions, History, Forecast, Highs & Lows, Weather Calendar and Windsock Sessions. The graphs and charts are the current weather on that area of the lake. They intend to install more sensors on the lake but this takes money, you can donate to their project buy following their donate button on their pages.

And thanks for viewing the website and returning every so often to view the cameras, Thank You.

Surfs Up On Lake Winnebago And The Walleyes Are Running Up The Wolf River

Fishing on the Wolf River, Cameras on the Wolf River.

It’s a windy day out today and the kit sailors are out on the water by Wind Power Surf Shop in Fond du Lac. The camera is provided by Wind Power surf shop. Below is a photo of the fun that can be had on the lake when it blows a three sock day.

The walleyes are running up the Wolf River and can be seen on the three cameras under water at Wolf River Cams. The first camera has the most action on it so far with Suckers, Walleyes, Sturgeon, White Bass and Perch on the cameras at Shiocton 1. The second camera is at Shiocton 2. The third camera is in New London. The link for Wolf River Cam is under links, more cameras at it is the first link on the page. There is a camera in Winneconne looking at the river and the fishing docks called the Bridge Cam.

You Can Control The Cameras

You can control the cameras now. This is experimental and new. Please use modern browsers: Firefox, Chrome or Edge. Internet Explorer not recommended nor older browsers.

  1. Click OK to allow cookies.
  2. Create an account, go to account, login, register & activate with your email address.
  3. Choose a camera from the menu bar you would like to control for 5 minutes at a time. Request Cam Control of the camera. There is a Queue if someone else has control.
  4. There are four ways to control the camera.
  5. Use the mouse with cross hair and left button on the live view screen video, touch screens use fingers.
  6. Use the three rows of buttons: pan, tilt and zoom.
  7. Use the drop down list to move to a certain view.
  8. Click on the Google Map and the camera will go there or use the touch screen.
  9. You can take a snapshot and download the picture.

Enjoy the views, and please leave a comment on the page we would like to know of your experience.

Wind Power Cam

Webcam short-code only works on a page.

The Wind Power Cam is located at the Wind Power Surf Shop at the south end of Lake Winnebago in Fond du Lac, WI. This is our local Surf Shop specializing in windsurfing, kiting, stand-up-paddling, sailboats and more.

This camera is now officially part of the Fox River System Webcams Network and is being controlled by our Camera Control software. The camera has a lot of features such as sunrise and sunset snapshots, user control and a google map showing the preset positions.

If you search YouTube for Wind Power Cam, you can cast some beautiful sunrises or sunsets to your TV via your roku, chromecast or similar device. The Live Stream has a DVR so you can rewind the video. DVR feature and length can vary by device. Click ‘Live’ at the bottom of the video to restore it to the live video.

If there is an issue with the video, please contact us. If you have a comment, you can post it at the bottom of the page.

DateSunrise / azimuthSunset / azimuthDaylight
Jan 18 - Monday7:23 am / 118.4° (ESE)4:45 pm / 241.9° (WSW)9 hours 21 min
Jan 19 - Tuesday7:22 am / 118.3° (ESE)4:46 pm / 242.8° (WSW)9 hours 23 min
Jan 20 - Wednesday7:22 am / 118.1° (ESE)4:47 pm / 242.9° (WSW)9 hours 25 min

Wind Power Cam is UP!
** Aug 26: Camera is running. We are having frequent tilt system errors, but it is running now. User PTZ control is enabled.

Welcome to Fox River System Webcams

Welcome to Our New Web Site

The MISSION of is to Promote Fun and Safety on Lake Winnebago and Fox River System.

We provide a number of Live Streaming Cameras around Lake Winnebago and the Fox River. We also provide information, links and news.

So please browse our new site and enjoy the cameras. We are testing a new camera control system that will allow user control, sunrise and sunset images, and other innovative features to help the community make best use of this wonderful resource we have in our area. The camera system is presently in use at if you are interested in seeing how it works.

Latest images from cameras

If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact us.