Neenah Rec Park Cam

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DateSunrise / azimuthSunset / azimuthDaylight
Sep 29 - Thursday6:49 am / 93.8° (E)6:38 pm / 267.4° (W)11 hours 49 min
Sep 30 - Friday6:50 am / 94.1° (E)6:36 pm / 266.3° (W)11 hours 46 min
Oct 1 - Saturday6:51 am / 94.4° (E)6:34 pm / 266.1° (W)11 hours 43 min

The Neenah Rec Park camera is located at Recreation Park in Neenah, WI on the Northwest shore of Lake Winnebago.

For best viewing of the YouTube Live Stream, you can set the Quality to 720p by clicking the settings icon at the bottom of the video. The video can also be viewed full screen on many devices.

The Live Stream has a DVR so you can rewind the video. DVR feature and length can vary by device. Click ‘Live’ at the bottom of the video to restore it to the live video.

If there is an issue with the video, please contact us. If you have a comment, you can post it at the bottom of the page.

25 thoughts on “Neenah Rec Park Cam”

  1. Why the camera is black and white early in the morning? The sunrise starts about 5 am and it doesn’t look good anymore.

    1. The camera follows the sunrise in the morning and it is in night mode till then. It is to dark as the times for sunrise is later in the morning going into fall. The sunrise chart shows the times of sunrise: 6:02 am / 71.9° (ENE) for tomorrow August 19, 2020.

      1. Please show the parking lot. Last year the camera did not show the pool. It went as far as the boat cleaning station. The reason we would like to see the parking lot is to see how busy it is. It is a determination on whether we will go. Tried logging in & could not move the camera.

  2. We have enjoyed having a “window” to lake Winnebago and the other camera locations. What could be better (if a person doesn’t live on the water) than to have visual access (at any time) to the various activities on the lake. We appreciate the efforts made to provide this wonderful service and hope that more locations will be added soon. It sounds like there is a way to enable a person to have remote control over the camera to pan or zoom … that feature would be amazing and appreciated if it can and becomes a reality. A big thank you to all who have made these cameras and the enjoyment they provide possible to us. Well done, well done indeed!

    1. The YouTube video of all the cameras has a DVR to go back for the day, just hover on the time line on the bottom of the picture and stop the slider where you want it. Please come back to view the new changes that are coming. Thank you for the comment.

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