Neenah Harbor Cam

Google Chrome issue for User Camera Control and Snapshots is resolved. If you have any issues, please contact us.

DateSunrise / azimuthSunset / azimuthDaylight
Aug 11 - Thursday5:53 am / 69° (ENE)8:04 pm / 292.2° (WNW)14 hours 11 min
Aug 12 - Friday5:54 am / 69.2° (ENE)8:03 pm / 292° (WNW)14 hours 9 min
Aug 13 - Saturday5:55 am / 69.5° (ENE)8:01 pm / 291° (WNW)14 hours 6 min

The Neenah Harbor cam is located on the south side of Neenah Harbor in Neenah, WI on Lake Winnebago.

For best viewing of the YouTube Live Stream, you can set the Quality to 720p by clicking the settings icon at the bottom of the video. The video can also be viewed full screen on many devices.

The Live Stream has a DVR so you can rewind the video. DVR feature and length can vary by device. Click ‘Live’ at the bottom of the video to restore it to the live video.

If there is an issue with the video, please contact us. If you have a comment, you can post it at the bottom of the page.

14 thoughts on “Neenah Harbor Cam”

  1. Having grown up in Neenah ( we lived on the island) the camera brings back so many wonderful memories!! Riding my bike to Doty Park ( getting a little “air” as I’d shoot over the arched bridges) going to the old library and sitting on the cannon at Riverside Park. My favorite place in the USA. Thank you!!
    Martha Burnside Jamieson

    1. I checked the camera and it appears to be working fine at 4:02 pm. Depending how many are logged into it or what the trafic on the internet it may lag a little.

  2. I love this new camera for checking on harbor conditions and keeping an eye on my boat.
    Thanks for all your work.

  3. Aww, so you can’t take a snapshot that isn’t live. Saw a plane taking off from Appleton at 8:16pm on Friday April 17th while it was focused on the Oak Street bridge and went back in time to confirm I did see a plane and was hoping to add that to the daily snapshot.

  4. The Fox River Cams are a welcome sight. The memories those images bring me back to are priceless. The days that I spent sailing Lake Winnebago with family, friends, and by myself where some of the best days of my life growing up in Neenah.
    Thank you!

  5. A beautiful glimpse of the Neenah Park that we used to enjoy with our young children. Our hearts are still in the Fox Valley though we have moved.

  6. Enjoy this camera feed. Grew up in Neenah, and now live in Texas. Many fond memories of Riverside Park and harbor area. The cam and live feed brings us a bit closer to home. Thanks.

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