Harbor Bar Cam

NOTE: The Harbor Bar camera is more integrated into the FoxRiverSystemWebcams.com camera system. See the ‘Info’ button for more. Thanks for your patience as we tweak this camera to improve it for everyone.

DateSunrise / azimuthSunset / azimuthDaylight
Sep 29 - Thursday6:49 am / 93.8° (E)6:38 pm / 267.4° (W)11 hours 49 min
Sep 30 - Friday6:50 am / 94.1° (E)6:36 pm / 266.3° (W)11 hours 46 min
Oct 1 - Saturday6:51 am / 94.4° (E)6:34 pm / 266.1° (W)11 hours 43 min

The Harbor Bar Cam is located at the Harbor Bar in Stockbridge, WI on the East shore of Lake Winnebago.

For best viewing of the YouTube Live Stream, you can set the Quality to 720p by clicking the settings icon at the bottom of the video. The video can also be viewed full screen on many devices.

The Live Stream has a DVR so you can rewind the video. DVR feature and length can vary by device. Click ‘Live’ at the bottom of the video to restore it to the live video.

If there is an issue with the video, please contact us. If you have a comment, you can post it at the bottom of the page.

29 thoughts on “Harbor Bar Cam”

  1. I probably mentioned this a while back but its too bad that they cannot tweak the Harbour bar cam a skootch to a bit more west N W. I bet there are great sunsets that we are missing.

      1. We are still trying to fix the camera, a technician is going to go out there and hope to resolve the problem. We are coordinating it with Nick at Harbor Bar.

  2. So many of us are truly thankful for what your camera provides to all of us everyday. So it seeems almost selfish to sak for a camera pointed at the launch ramps and parking lot. But it would be as a big a help and service as the lake cam. I know several years back the lake cam rotated from south to north and back again. But it is so much better now that it is on a very stable platform. thats the only reason I am making this request for another camera for the launch ramps and parking lot. Thank you so very much for giving us this awesome viewing system.

    Thank you,

    Lony Z

    Chilton, WI

  3. raise the camera slightly to show a little more of the sky. useful during summer thunderstorms. thanks, ronald, landscape photographer.

    1. I wish they would also tweak it a bit to the north so it would get the sunsets. . Great camera. high quality picture! Obviously the sunsets move during the year so thre are seasonal adjustments.

      1. Back in the day, you could ask your local State Senator or Assembly person to get you a flag. Maybe they changes this… but, Reportedly they change the flag daily that flies of the state Capital and if you were lucky, your local state rep could get one for you. Just a thought.

      1. thank you for the camera, now I can check wave height before bringing children out fishing.

        thank you for the camera

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