Camera Multi-View

Rec Park Cam - Northwest shore of Lake Winnebago, Neenah, WI
Neenah Harbor Cam - South side of Harbor, Wisconsin Ave, on Fox River.
High Cliff Cam - Located at High Cliff Marina in Sherwood, WI
Harbor Bar Cam - Stockbridge, East shore of Lake Winnebago.

The individual camera pages have more information.

9 thoughts on “Camera Multi-View”

  1. NHS Class of ‘80 reunion is today. Couldn’t make it but the webcam gives me a taste of Neenah and a walk down memory lane even from my home in Arizona.

  2. This is really nice to see all the different locations … thanks again for all your efforts … it makes for a very special break to “get away” from other things going on and relax and watch mother nature’s beauty!

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