6 Touch Events Can Control The Cameras

Touch events are enabled.

⦁ All six of the touch events work on the cameras on a phone or tablet.
⦁ For Zoom control the mouse wheel moves the zoom in or out with the shift button.
⦁ Two finger touches are enabled for tablets and cell phones.
⦁ The buttons were redesigned to be user friendly on a tablet and cell phone, thus you can now easily control and move the camera.
⦁ The Menu button is now larger and red.
⦁ Login button is first next to the other buttons.
⦁ The request camera control now shows the time you are in control.
⦁ The request button changes to control button and displays the amount of time left for you. If no one else is in the que for control you can extend your control by pushing the renew control button when it appears with less than 30 seconds left in your control.
⦁ The Move To line now has a drop down box with 5 different speeds to control the speed of the camera moves from slow to fast. Also a time drop down box allows user time control for the move, up to 5 minutes in one move.
⦁ On the map you can click anywhere and the camera will move to that spot.
⦁ The information boxes are updated also.
⦁ When in live view screen after requesting control you can just put the cross on the item you would like to see and click on it and it will take center screen. Move the wheel on the mouse to move closer with the shift key.
⦁ You can use the Pan, Zoom and Tilt buttons to move the camera; if you change the move speed to fast the camera will move fast.

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