For the last six years, a growing group of Fox Valley volunteers have installed and maintained a growing fleet of webcams overlooking Lake Winnebago. This initiative is of great value to the local boating public and others who enjoy our beautiful waterfront, facilitating the ability to surveille weather changes, monitor for issues that pose a safety risk residents and property.

For the unacquainted, these webcams, while not without cost to their sponsors, are free to view by the public at the following link. The appended map displays where webcams are currently operational thanks to generous contributions on behalf of the City of Neenah, Wind Power Surf Shop, The Neenah Nodaway Yacht Club, The Fox Valley Sailing School, The Harbor Bar, The High Cliff Yacht Club, and many members of our local boating community.


I am reaching out in hopes that, as a valued member of our sailing/boating/safety/waterfront community with a vested interest in preserving the continued safe access and preservation of Lake Winnebago, you will consider contributing to our annual fundraiser to keep these webcams free and available to all for another year. Contributions of any amount are genuinely appreciated and meaningfully get us closer to our goal of $5,000. To support this important project, kindly navigate to the link below:


We appreciate your willingness to share this opportunity to support the continuation of the Fox River System Webcams with others who also enjoy and appreciate the beauty of our waterfront and Lake.

Thank you for your time and consideration. If you have suggestions for how we might improve this collaborative initiative, we hope you won’t hesitate to contact us.

Wishing you strong tail-winds and safe harbors,

Geoff Catlin






Future Neenah Magazine

Cover page of Future Neenah Magazine spring 2021/

Future Neenah is a nonprofit organization. The heart of their mission is creating experiences that promote cultural and economic vitality in the Neenah Area. The board is comprised of 16 volunteers. They are your neighbors, friends and colleagues who live, work and play in Neenah.

For 20 years, the Future Neenah has published a free quarterly magazine for the benefit of Neenah Residents and overall community welfare. The publication keeps you informed about the issues and events that shape our lives in the Neenah area. The publisher welcomes contributions to consider for possible publication.

The magazine focuses on activities and items that take place in Neenah. They list and promote fine events in the community so you know what is happening. If you’re looking for something to do you can find it in the magazine. As information develops – dates, locations and details can also be found on their Facebook page and at neenah.org. Then there are the ads from local businesses which are a display of services and events that partake in Neenah area.

To get involved with the Future Neenah or to receive their Magazine go to their organization website neenah.org, and follow the Menu bar to “Join Our Mailing List”.

To see past Magazines Issues Click here https://www.neenah.org/business-resources/future-neenah-magazine/

Their Facebook page address is: https://www.facebook.com/futureneenah

The blog page on their website is: http://www.neenah.org/blog/


Wind Power Weather Center

Wind Power Weather Center Article.

Tempest Sensor used by the Wind Power Weather Center at their locations.

Wind Power Weather Center now has 9 sensor locations on Lake Winnebago, all being shown on their map. On the left the menu in blue are Weather, Lake Winnebago Info & Satellite, Forecast Links and Local Cameras are highlighted with links and information under them.

By clicking on the Home & Map you will get a map of the locations of the sensors. You have the North End button, South end button and Reset Zoom button. The map has a scroll + and – sign on the lower right side of the page. By scrolling out by pushing the minus sign you can see all of the sensors in the state of Wisconsin. The description of the type of sensor is listed on the bottom of the map. If you click on the sensor arrow the Name, Location, Wind, Temp and Time is displayed.

 If you go to the webpage the sensors are listed on the upper left side of the page. By clicking on the sensor name you will see the Current Conditions, Forecast, History, Highs & Lows, Weather Calendar and Windsock Sessions of that sensor. You then click on each of these items and receive the next webpage which displays the conditions and information that maybe of interest to you.

There is the News button in red which tells of all of the things being done. There is an About, Contact, Launch Sites, Wind & Forecast Alerts, Sponsor & Donate which have pages for each one.

There is Lake Winnebago Info & Satellite with items under it. Also Forecast Links to other items. There is a Donate Sign for those to support the Weather Center.

There is now a sixth camera on the lake at Mansur Bay operating. It can be found on FoxRiverSystemWebcams.com webpage. On a clear day you can see the abundant number of windmills across the lake in Pipe. There is typically a lot of wildlife (geese, ducks, swans, pelicans, etc.) in this quaint residential bay that faces SE.


Fox River System Webcams GoFundMe Page

Please donate, thank you.

Please donate to our GoFundMe Page by clicking on the button above or from the link below, it’s a secure link.

Fox River Systems Webcams has set up a GoFundMe Page to help in receiving donations from the users of the website.

Fox River Systems Webcams will benefit from the funds donated will be used for:
1. Keeping the website going by providing funds for the server expenses,
2. Monthly Spectrum internet expenses,
3. Up grading the speed of the internet connections,
4. Purchasing new cameras for Oshkosh and Brighten Beach locations.
5. The funds will be used after we reach our goal.
6. This support keeps us going service and maintenance costs for the cameras.
7. We will be very grateful for your support in keeping the cameras going on Lake Winnebago, Wisconsin for the public to view the current conditions on the lake.

Please make a donation at Fox River System Webcams GoFundMe Page.

The 2021 Sturgeon Spearing Season

Help keep the cameras going by donating, Thank You.

The 2021 sturgeon spearing season is looking pretty good for the water clarity is great. You can Logon, Register and control the cameras looking at Lake Winnebago. All touch events with a phone work for moving the cameras around. Here are some links to the DNR for the season, changes for the season link here article. And link for the DNR updates.

Please donate for are GoFundMe campaign to raise money to run this website and keep the cameras going.

6 Touch Events Can Control The Cameras

Touch events are enabled.

⦁ All six of the touch events work on the cameras on a phone or tablet.
⦁ For Zoom control the mouse wheel moves the zoom in or out with the shift button.
⦁ Two finger touches are enabled for tablets and cell phones.
⦁ The buttons were redesigned to be user friendly on a tablet and cell phone, thus you can now easily control and move the camera.
⦁ The Menu button is now larger and red.
⦁ Login button is first next to the other buttons.
⦁ The request camera control now shows the time you are in control.
⦁ The request button changes to control button and displays the amount of time left for you. If no one else is in the que for control you can extend your control by pushing the renew control button when it appears with less than 30 seconds left in your control.
⦁ The Move To line now has a drop down box with 5 different speeds to control the speed of the camera moves from slow to fast. Also a time drop down box allows user time control for the move, up to 5 minutes in one move.
⦁ On the map you can click anywhere and the camera will move to that spot.
⦁ The information boxes are updated also.
⦁ When in live view screen after requesting control you can just put the cross on the item you would like to see and click on it and it will take center screen. Move the wheel on the mouse to move closer with the shift key.
⦁ You can use the Pan, Zoom and Tilt buttons to move the camera; if you change the move speed to fast the camera will move fast.

Congratulations 20,000 Unique Users

View of Lake Winnebago this fall day of October 12, 2020.

We have recorded 20,000 unique users of the website this fall since we started our new website on January 24, 2020. Our Google Analytics shows that we have hit 20.000 users today. Each week we add new users who also register to control the cameras. The word is getting out about the cameras being on Lake Winnebago overlooking different areas of it. People login to see the beautiful sunrises and sunsets.  Our picture history is being used to go back and see the sunrises and sunsets during different days.

Most of the boats have left the harbors and are back in storage for the winter till next season. If you are interested in boating some boats are up for sale, there are slips open for the next sailing and boating season in 2921.

Sailboarding is coming to an end as well for the winter is coming and ice up will be here for the winter sports to take place out on the ice.

When the ice forms on the lake it’s the most watched time for the cameras in the past.

A new tab was added to the menu bar it is WEATHER. Under it is the link to the Windpower Weather Center also the live radar for the local TV stations. So now you can look at the cameras, see the weather forecasts and look at the live radar to see the conditions of Lake Winnebago. Have fun on the lake and be safe while enjoying the water.

Wind Power Weather Center

Wind Power Weather Center.The socks represent the wind speed.
The socks represent the wind speed.

The Wind Power Weather Center now has 7 sensors on Lake Winnebago and 1 on Lake Poygan. It is on this site under the cameras buttons. The last sensor added is at High Cliff Marina. Thanks to those who have installed them. More news can be seen at Wind Power Weather Center.

It has been a big year for the Weather Center! Going multi-sensor with our new Tempest weather sensors and new home page map. It has been a lot of work and hopefully you like the changes.

If you don’t get the Forecast & Windsock Alerts, please sign-up! You get a daily forecast email showing Noaa forecast with windsock rating and recommended launches. At a glance you can see what days might be sailable so you can adjust your schedule to get out and sail! Plus you get Windsock Alerts, per sensor, when it is windy. We think the Alerts are awesome and encourage you to get them.

Wonderful New Camera at Wind Power Surf Shop

New camera installed in Fond du Lac.

UPDATE: Wind Power Cam is UP!
** Aug 26: Camera is running. We are having frequent tilt system errors, but it is running now. User PTZ control is enabled.

There is a new camera installed with HD resolution of 1080p. The Wind Power Cam is located at the Wind Power Surf Shop at the south end of Lake Winnebago in Fond du Lac, WI. This is our local Surf Shop specializing in windsurfing, kiting, stand-up-paddling, sailboats and more.

The camera shows the south end of the lake. I would like to thank those that were involved in installing the second camera that is finally working for the first one failed after two days. Feel free to donate towards the new camera using the donate button for these cameras are very expensive.

Deerview Construction is a Sponsor

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